DINOSAUR JUNIOR (BA-1) – Colloquium Svobodová Blaha

Studio Svobodová Blaha

The single-family house is currently under a lot of pressure. And rightly so. It has long been a (useless) dinosaur as a solution to the housing question. At the same time, it is still the predestined building task for general architectural experiments and for the first works of young architects. We will not resolve this conflict for the time being, but we will use it productively. By speculatively correlating prototypical and epigonic examples and then devoting ourselves to something else.

The moderately large apartment building (8-10 units) instead of single-family houses in well-developed urban residential neighbourhoods, for example, is both a problem and a solution. Not only are the most beautiful garden plots with old trees completely undermined by underground garages for the other dinosaurs – SUVs – no, the almost uncontrolled, speculative, unsustainable real estate bubble architecture is – ideally and aesthetically – really poor and costs a lot of money. At the same time, these moderately large but sufficiently compact and complex bodies could be a wonderful building task. They could densify their neighbourhoods in several senses and yet make them spacious in a completely different way. If we now also question the monofunctionality, inflexibility and social ignorance of these structures, well, we would already be building a sufficiently resilient bridge to the „good side“.



Online Veranstaltung

11:30 – 13:00 Uhr

Anna Svobodová, Ondřej Blaha